Adora Evolution is Coming Soon

There is an amazing change happening in the world. With every challenge comes an awakening and we’re seeing this happen on a worldwide scale. 

There is a new normal, and we haven’t even settled on it yet.

There is a group of people around the world that are asking the question “What could our world look like after all of this?”

Some want to control, some want to go back, and others are excited to move forward.

We want to talk about moving forward into a world we’ve never seen before.

An enlightened world.

There are a few insights we’ve come to understand.

As humans we are not one dimensional. We aren’t simply a body, a mind, or a spirit.

We are a composite of all of these things.

The issue we’ve found with so many of the ‘Personal Development’ systems, coaches, and groups is the one size fits all approach.

We’re developing a 12 focus system that wraps itself around the individual. You may be strong in one area and have room to grow in another. We also don’t simply focus on where you need to grow, we alternate from strength to growth so you feel accomplished and strong all at the same time.

Here are the areas we focus on:

Life Visioning
WellnessEmotional LifeSpiritual LifeFinancial LifeQuality of lifeSocial LifeIntellectual LifeRelationships
Body TempleEgoCreative LifeFinancialEnvironmentCommunityCareerLove Relationship
SleepCharacterPurposeContributionLivelihoodFamily Life

If you want to be part of our Beta testing group, if you are a personal development coach and you want to learn more about what we’re developing, or if you are in research around human development we would love to keep in touch with you. Make sure you join our email list below.